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CommercePromote is a provider of Cloud Base SaaS solutions that address the specific marketing and operational needs of various industries. Our comprehensive solutions automate the workflow of businesses while providing you with the tools to market and sell your products and services.

Founded in 2008, CommercePromote’s mission is to provide small and medium sized businesses the same technology that is typically afforded by Fortune 500 companies. Our vision has led CommercePromote from being a website and portal development company to an enterprise solution provider that is seen today.

With offices in Asia and the USA, CommercePromote is continually developing solutions. From mobile apps to social media, CommercPromote stays in touch with companies and works towards their needs.

“Most businesses use only 25% of the features of software they purchase. We give them the best features under a single integrated system that they can use. Businesses also need solutions specific to their industry, not a cookie-cutter approach.”
- Jonathan Lee, Founder/CEO

This is the premise behind the industry specific solutions that we offer. No matter which industry, CommercePromote has a solution geared towards your needs.


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