Our StrataPromote solution provides the management company with the tools to manage residential or commercial strata properties. The solution allows you to efficiently manage your back-office operation and communicate effectively with your unit owner.

If you are managing a large residential complex or office towers, you will be able to utilize our facilities booking and event management tool to build a stronger link with all your unit owners. There are many other features that further automates your strata management, include guest list, service requests and online payment.

As a management company, you will also have access to our extensive eMarketing system to prospect for more business while maintaining good communicate and customer relationship with your properties.

Unit Owners Communication
CRM System
eGreeting Card
Associated Document
Notification Management
Email & SMS Communication
Task Management
Task Scheduler
Service Requests Management
Work Orders Management
Architectural & Compliance Management
Violations Management
Management Fee Invoicing
Chart of Accounts
Owner Invoice Processing
Budget Management
Delinquency Management
Expenses Document Management
Expenses Preprocessing System
Expenses Authorization System
Bank Account Reconciliation
Statements Generation
Accounts Report
Revenue Generation
Fcailities Booking
Online Store
Vendors Advertisements
Event Calendar
Security Management
Secured Unit Owner Access
Guest List System
Parking Management
Secured Voting System
Community Website
Content Management System
Photo Gallery
Association Documents
Account Balance Info
Survey System